>Phew, what a weekend.

Let’s review:

Thing I’m proud of: I watched Hostel for the first time ever by myself. Ok the all the lights were on and it was in the middle of the afternoon and I made the two dogs I was house sitting sit with me on the couch, but still I made the whole way through, with only stopping it twice. Seriously, what the hell is up with the movie, it’s so freaking scary!

Thing I’m not proud of: Through a miscommunication via text message, I went to the Back Alley by myself. Some people call this place the Crack Alley. Do you want to know what is scarier than Hostel? Me in the biggest Rock bar in Calgary. Yikes.

Thing I’m proud of: While working at the Sheraton, I discovered that Tropicana is giving away Ten Aeroplan points on every container. So you know what I did? I went to the recycling area and cut the code off of 16 different Tropicana containers. Classy.

Thing I’m not proud off: The amount of time I spent on Facebook this weekend…..but my Meet Gwen Stefani group is now in 4th place! Which means that if we maintain that position, I’ll be meeting Gwen Stefani next week!

Thing I’m proud of: I made it through an entire play without falling asleep. Trust me this is huge! When I was 8 I actually slept through one of my scenes for A Christmas Carol. Good thing the actors knew their improve. But usually even when I’m watching plays I have a hard time staying awake. I’m kinda a theatre snob! Granted it was a great show. It was Little Shop of Horrors, man it got me remembering how terrified I was of this movie when I was a kid. I think it still scares me! Anyway, it’s playing in Calgary for another week, I give it 3 “wide awake bald heads” out of 5. Click here for details.

Also, If anyone can show me anything more awkwardly funny than the first 10 minutes of Sarah Silverman hosting the MTV Movie Awards, I will will send them a happy meal toy. I also feel the need to point out that by watching the awards I can’t help but feel aged, I didn’t half the people they kept showing shots of! Also, isn’t Johnny Depp from New Jersey? Not the Chunnel.

Mike Morrison