>Before we start tonight, I have a confession. Who knew Barry Gibb was alive? I didn’t.

Anyway during the night I tried to keep track of how many times Barry Gibb said the word “girl”, I lost track after the 2nd commercial break, but he definitely reached the 20s.

Let’s break it down!

Melinda Doolittle:

“Love You Inside and Out” Who knew this was a Bee Gee song? I certinaly didn’t, but I love belting out this song when it’s in the car. I think there is a Canadian remake that I always hear playing. Anywhoooo, I like Melinda’s version of it too. I agree with Paula that we know now that Melinda is good, but give us something else. Bring us something new. In fact, American Idol same goes to you.

“How can you mend a broken heart?” I wish I had more to say about it. It’s kinda like we mentioned before, Melinda is obviously the most consistent player out here, but you got to make it a little more exciting. I’m afraid that she might fall into the Tamyra Grey category there.

Blake Lewis

“Should be dancing” It’s so cool that Blake makes his own sound effects! Just think how much cheaper he will be able to make his first album. They’ll barely even need computers! Not only is Blake the most original, he is the most economical. I got to say that I agree with Randy. The sound effects are cool, but maybe sometimes it’s too much.

“Danger Zone (?) Hmmmm did you notice that Blake toned down the sound effects from the rehearsal footage. I’m kinda surprised by the fact that he listened to the judges, because usually he just does he thing. Paula was right about calling him a rebel, Blake is definitely the American Idol Rebel. Let’s hope he’s around next week!


“Staying Alive” After watching Lakisha’s performance I couldn’t help but think at what point to the producers have to take some of the blame for the song choice. These singers aren’t disco singers, nor were they rock singers last week. I know they have these guests lined up months in advance, but if they want us to see amazing performances why haven’t they done a “Broadway Night”. I agree with the judges, Lakisha was fine, but I don’t blame her either. She did what she could.

“Run to me” This is probably the first song of the season that I wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio or on itunes, except for the last note of course. I’d edit that out. Lakisha and Blake will be in the bottom two, but not because they are worst, but because at this point, someones just got to go home!

Jordin Sparks

“To love somebody” After a so-so performance last week, Jordin came a rolling back. But what a surprise it was a ballad? Can she sing them? Absolutely. Do you want to listen to a whole CD of them? Absolutely not.

“Women in Love” Oh how lucky are we, Jordin is singing another ballad. Awesome, I needed to go to bed early tonight anyway. Actually, I had some last minute visitors so I’m watching the show a little before midnight. That make me a little sad, but I need me some American Idol, what are you going to do it.

The night is over. Thankfully, let’s be honestly folks. It wasn’t the best. It kinda reminded me of Canadian Idol, and that is not good.

The bottom two will be Lakisha and Blake

And I think Lakisha will be going home! Goodbye bank teller, it’s been fun!

Mike Morrison