The people behind CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes are accusing Saturday Night Live of stealing one of their bits.

It happened after this weekend’s episode aired with Reese Witherspoon, where there was a sketch about a Pictionary-esque gameshow where the contestants were asked to draw a sketch of the Prophet Mohammad. It bares striking resemblance to a sketch that 22 Minutes did back in January.

Take a look at the clips:

22 Minutes


So there are definitely similarities.  The contestant pleading to pass, the prize amount of one million dollars and how the other contestant guesses the answer even though nothing is drawn.

Maybe I live in a world where no one at SNL would actually thick that they could get away with blatantly copying a sketch done on a Canadian TV, especially one that is still pretty popular. I mean, it’s not like they maybe copied a random YouTube sketch that no one saw.  If they had copied the 22 Minutes sketch, there was a really good chance that someone would see both and put two and two together. One of 22 Minutes stars weighed in on Twitter as well:

Later, Critch told CBC’s St. John’s Morning Show, “I think lawyers are talking right now.”

So what do you think?  Did SNL copy or is it just a big coincidence?

Mike Morrison


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