>Christmas is only six sleeps away.

This means too things.

1)I’m going home tomorrow!
2) People are desperate for Christmas gift suggestions. Christmas list suggestions are falling apart quicker than the Canadian government and we are all going to start turning to unlikely places. Soon it will be too late to order from the Internet and most of us will resort to re-gifting. (If you are going to go the re-gifting route, may I suggest any unopened DVDs you maybe have sitting on your shelves. I’ve been doing it for years!)

If you are stuck with the task of trying to find an original gift may I also suggest the SkyMall. This is that ridiculous magazine that is available on most American flights. It’s like that “As Seen on TV” store but on a plane.

They are some of the most ridiculous (see: awesome) gifts that anyone would totally not even know they could ask for.

Check out this handy list of the worst (or best) gifts available on The Sky Mall.

My favorite?
The dangerous, yet intriguing, flying alarm clock (pictured above).
What could possibly go wrong that early in the morning….?

Mike Morrison