>I’m not going to lie, I’m not a political person. I’ll never understand how the senate really works or what exactly a veto vote is, but I know what democracy is and how important it is to have. But after several years of witnessing several questionable results, I have been just a little concerned with the whole idea of “Democracy”. And no, I’m not talking about when I lost the student council elections both in High School and University, but thanks for the painful reminder.

What I’m talking about is more important than that. More important than Democrats or Republicans and certainly more important than all the Conservatives, Liberals, Greens and NDPs combined. What I’m talking about is American Idol. And tonight, finally thanks to FOX, my faith in democracy has been rightfully restored.

That’s right after the American public got it right two weeks ago by sending Sunjaya home, they scored again, not once but twice tonight when they sent both Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson in American Idol’s first ever Double Elimination.

So whom does that leave us with? Well, there is the front-runner Melinda Doolittle, underdog Blake Lewis, survivor Lakisha Jones and sweet as pie Jordin Sparks. I think it is safe to say that this is by far the best American Idol final four ever. Congrats Americans! I can’t imagine just how jealous Ben Mulroney is right now.

Mike Morrison