When I started to care about democracy and the whole voting process, I always lived by the mantra that if I didn’t vote, then I don’t have the right to complain. Maybe it’s not how the our founding fathers in Charlottetown originally viewed democracy but it’s worked for years and I’m sticking to it.

With only a couple hours until the first of two sold out Nickleback concerts at the Saddledome, I believe it is time to use my voting philosophy for those fans that insisted on buying tickets to this concert. So to all of you who decided that you wanted to throw your money away and listen to one of the worst bands out there, made worse even still by the fact that the lead singer actually has a perm. For all of you I say this: No more complaining. No more complaining about gas prices, out of control rent, expensive restaurants or even the fact that Subway’s new Lobster Sandwich is a completely unreasonable $9.69 for a 6” sub. (Seriously, isn’t that crazy though. For a foot long double meat it comes to over $30!)

If you choose to waste you money on Nickleback then you are giving up your rights to do something that all Calgarians love to do: complain. I don’t want to hear it because obviously you love money as much as I love doing the dishes. Which is why I eat everything off of paper towel.

I hope you all enjoy the concert. I also hope that somewhere in the middle of the concert you’ll realize that Nickleback is actually singing the same song over and over. Maybe you haven’t noticed because stations like Vibe 98.5 usually play one or two different tunes in between Nickleback songs, but at the concert you will be subjected to 2 hours straight of songs that were only written for the sole purpose of being used during final montage scenes of Smallville and One Tree Hill.

So before you go to the concert make sure you get everything that is bothering you off your chest. Because as soon as the first cell phone comes out during a slow song, you will be forever cut off! Enjoy!

Mike Morrison