We’re only three weeks away from the premiere of the 11th season of Degrassi and yes, I’m as excited as a tween.  I never got on the Justin Bieber train, let me have this, okay?

One of the best parts of any new season of Degrassi are the new opening credits, who’s in, who’s out, and who didn’t you know was still even on the show

Well the kind folks at Epitome Pictures have released the opening credits a little early and it already has me salivating for the new season.  I realize that is a gross visual to describe a show about teenagers, but that’s what you get.

Take a look at the trailer below, keen listeners will notice that it’s Alexz Johnson singing the credits this year, she is from another Epitome Pictures project a few years back, Instant Star!

Degrassi: Now or Never begins July 18th, Monday to Thursday on Much Music.

Mike Morrison

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