Holy shit, it took 25 years, but Snake might actually get an Emmy!

The cast and crew of Degrassi are celebrating today,their show has just been nominated for its first ever Primetime Emmy!  They found out the big news this morning, when it was announced that the show was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program. Some of the show’s producers include Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn,  Brendon Yorke and Stefan Brogren, who played Snake in the original series and is now the principal of Degrassi!

This has been a stellar year for Degrassi, so far it’s already picked up a Peabody Award, and now there’s a chance it could be bringing an Emmy home to Canada.

The timing of the nomination couldn’t be better, the show is about to kick off its ELEVENTH season this Monday on MuchMusic.  That’s right, it’s been eleven years since the Next Generation of Degrassi started, who feels old now?

Congrats to the cast and crew!

Mike Morrison


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