First, a question: Do you guys think it’s weird that I write about Degrassi so much?  Actually…wait.  Don’t answer that.

Second, an announcement:  If you are Degrassi fan like me, you’ve probably been losing sleep and booking extra “appointments” due to the stress of there not being any new episodes until the new year.  Well, rejoice.  Degrassi is coming back sooner than you think and this time, they’re going to India!

Not that I’m trying to make light of the situation in India but it looks like there might be a whole lotta crying men in this special that airs on Christmas Eve. Which makes me think of only one thing: DRINKING GAME! So here’s what I’ve come up with, every time you see a guy cry, take a drink. And to keep it fair, every time you see a girl that plays a guy on TV cry, take two! How’s that sound to everyone? What’s that you say, you shouldn’t play a drinking game on Christmas eve? Well, that’s why we aren’t related!

Three cheers for even more Degrassi!

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Mike Morrison

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  1. Hi Mike, I like your creativity. It’s just like me having passion in writing weird thing or rewriting serious topic into spoof. So your question, do you guys think it’s weird that I write about Degrassi so much? I will say yes. Just keep weird and be happy with it.

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