Look, I know that I’m pretty much the only person over the age of twenty-five that regularly gets excited about anything to do with Degrassi.  (I still have a very clear memory of watching the first episode during my first year of university, I had a Degrassi party. There were three people there. It was a big deal.)  So now, eleven years later, even I’m surprised that I’m still invested in the show as much as I am.  It really is the Coronation Street of my generation.

Well in a few weeks, the series will kick off its eleventh season and if the new trailer is any indication, Degrassi is in fine form.  Much like last year, the trailer plays more like a music video, with lots of hints and clues about the forthcoming story lines.  It’s like a magic eye with pretty people.  (I can say teens are pretty…right?)

I will say, the trailer isn’t as exciting as last year’s carnival themed trailer, but this one has its moments too.  The young love! The fighting…oh and a gun!  It really does feel like a new season of The O.C, doesn’t it?

Take a look at the  trailer, featuring Augustana’s newest single “Steal Your Heart.”

The new season of Degrassi premieres on July 18th on MuchMusic, with four episodes a week for seven weeks.  Now that’s what I call a great summer vacation!

Mike Morrison

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