When statutory holidays fall on weekends, you usually get the friday or monday off. And since I’m assuming that my birthday will someday be a stat holiday, I decided to take monday off .

And not to make light of all the people who have been laid off recently,but can I just talk about how awesome it is to have a Monday off when other people don’t? Sweet heavens to betsy it was awesome. I slept in, had two large coffees and watched Star Trek. I don’t know exactly what I have to do to get laid off from work, but I’ve definitely been googling ideas all morning.

But back to Star Trek, the new reboot is actually only the second Star Trek movie I’ve ever seen. The last was in 2004 when my friend’s boyfriend didn’t want to go and I was desperate to maintain a certain number of friends (3), so I thought why the hell not. Needless to say I was confused.

Well I’m happy to report that the new updated movie is a lot of fun and just slightly confusing. I guess it’s sorta like prom night. But when the movie was done, I did have some questions, comments and concerns that I’ve posted for your comments.

  • Where the hell were the Ewoks?
  • Is Spock supposed to look like Data from TNG?
  • I’m sooooo over time travel. Between Star Trek, Lost, Heroes and the Terminator movies, it’s like I need Michael J Fox to explain everything to me!
  • I love that JJ Abrams supports his TV family. Yeah I saw you Amanda Foremen (from Felicity) with your one line, well done. Now come back to TV (and not on Private Practice!)
  • Unrelated to Star Trek: I’ve decided I’m already over GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra.
  • I feel like if someone was from a different planet, different facial construction and had natural tattos all over their bodies, they would have slightly different accents than people from Earth. Captain Nero (Eric Bana) did not.
  • Someone told me to stay to the end credits for a surprise. Someone is a liar. Although I do now appreciate that Jim C. Johnson is the Gang Boss. Well done Mr. C Johnson. I really feel like that Gang was Bossed.
  • What the hell does a Gang Boss do? Graffiti actor’s mailboxes?

Mike Morrison