>I’ve proudly never watched a single episode of Dancing with The Stars. Even though I was almost wooed this season, but my self-respect is surprisingly strong enough to resist anything with the name Gosselin in it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love ballroom dancing. I mean, I am human after all.
This weekend, Calgary hosted ‘Dancing with Calgary Celebrities’ in an effort to raise funds for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
Some of the celebrities that danced their tail-feathers off included, Phoenix from 97.7 Calgary FM, Cara Fullerton and Amber Schinkel from Global TV. (Sadly, I’m still waiting for my invite.)
In the end, the giant mirror ball went to BT Calgary’s Jill Belland. I could talk to you about why Jill Belland won and why you should keep this video away from teenage boys, but I thought I would just show it to you instead.
Who knew she could do the splits?

Mike Morrison