Would you buy your vodka if it came in a bottle that looked like this?Dan Aykroyd is hoping so.  Since he’s already conquered the wine industry, the former Ghost Buster is hoping you will be willing to spend between $50-$60 for the crystal skull head full of Chelsea Handler’s favourite drink of choice: vodka.

But if you are in Ontario, you are out of luck.  Your province has already banned it.  Seems silly, since BC has been selling the product for over a year and not received a single complaint.  And if those hippies can’t find something wrong with it, what is Ontario’s problem?

“The image of the human skull is the thing that’s really problematic for us,” said LCBO spokesman Chris Layton told the Globe and Mail.

Of all the things I find scary about Ontario (the city of Niagra Falls, Eaton Centre, Ed the Sock), I hardly think a crystal skull is something they should be worried about.

Lighten up Ontario, maybe you do need a drink after-all.

Mike Morrison


  1. They’ve been selling it here in NB for over a year too. It’s actually really good vodka. Well worth the $55.

  2. Get it straight Mike. People in BC are stoners, not hippies. Love the new look of the blog. Keep up the great content!

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