>As if you haven’t read enough about the SuperBowl, but here are few quick stats for you!

According to a CTV press release!
  • New Orleans Saints victory is the second most-watched telecast in Canada since 1994! (1994 was when they started keep track!)
  • One in two Canadians watched some part of the broadcast!
  • Audiences peaked at 8 millions viewers in the final minutes of the fourth quarter!
  • 1.8 million watch series premiere of Undercover Boss. 1.7 million people were bored stiff.
Okay, I added the last stat.
But hot-damn! Those are some solid numbers, well done CTV!
Now if you could stop depriving us poor Canadians of the SuperBowl commercials, that would be great. Seriously. We know the Olympics are coming, now give us some bloody Betty White!

Mike Morrison