>Today was a great day. I mean besides the massive amounts of flooding going on in Calgary right now. To give you an idea how chaotic this city was: I drive 7.5Kms to work. It usually takes me 10-12 minutes. Today it took me 45 minutes. In the terrential rain. Ahh well, it gave me time to talk to my mom on the phone and rock out to the new Maroon 5 CD! (thanks for the photo

Annnyyywwaayyy, like I was saying, besides that it was a good day. After work I bought my very first bed frame! As of tomorrow night, For the first time since 2004, I will not be sleeping on the floor! I was just too tired to set it up tonight, but this is really a big thing for me. I don’t know why exactly, I just find it a very grown up thing to have. A bed frame. Oh lalala.

So after getting home from my purchase I turned on the TV and decided that I should put away the three weeks of clean laundry that had accumulated on my floor. I was in a particularly happy mood because I still hadn’t watched the season finale of Brothers & Sisters and thought this would be a good time to do so. My good mood quickly disappeared.

Remember when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came on and we would cry at the beginning and end of every episode. I quickly got over that until Grey’s Anatomy had to come along. Man, that show made me cry like no one’s business. But then my water works began to dry up only long enough for Brothers & Sisters to roll it’s way onto my TIVO suggestions list. (For those who don’t have TIVO, I’m convinced there is a little person in there, it knows everything! It is smarter then have the kids I taught during my Education degree!)

The season finale of Brothers and Sisters left me hard core sobbing, I’m talking Buffy leaving Sunnydale in Season 2 sobbing. It wasn’t pretty. Once that was done I thought I would turn on a little So You Think You Can Dance. Now I blame the previous crying fit and because I’m a sucker for dreams coming true and being crushed, but I’ll be damned, that show got me crying too. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, but it got even worse when I made the mistake of clicking over to American Inventor. I hate this show, actually I hate most of ABC’s summer line up, but I happened to click over just long enough to see a little 8 year old red headed boy get his dreams crushed. Harsh. I’m glad I was alone in my room, cause it was not pretty. Not pretty at all. My roommate would have punched me in the jaw and that girl can punch. Let me tell you.

Side thought: This is such a manly post. I don’t even know how to spell manly right, do I?

BONUS: For those of you who watched SYTYCD, please find below my favorite song from the show. I guarantee it will be on Grey‘s in no time.

Mike Morrison