It has to be tough to be a Canadian show on Thursday nights. Not only is it one of the busiest nights for American shows, it’s down right brutal for CBC and it’s original series The Border.

And it really is too bad, because tonight’s episode of the show is one of the 2009 television season’s most exciting. You’ve no doubt seen the commercial for Missing In Action, when series lead Kessler (James McGowan) is kidnapped and held hostage in Kabul. And in case you are wondering, CBC didn’t fit the bill for the show to film in Afghanistan. Instead, they worked really hard to turn Coledon, a town in Ontario, into the tumultuous country. Seems weird, when they could have just used Thunder Bay and saved a ton of cash.
I hadn’t seen too many episodes of the show, but this is definitely one of it’s most nail-biting and grittiest. And of course, there are lots of surprising twists and turns.
For me, the true test of any exciting show, is how many times I put my hoodie over my head. This episode got 2.5 hoodies. That’s close to reaching 24 levels.
So it sucks that it has to go up against new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Fringe, CSI and The Office. But CBC definitely gets bonus points for keeping with the Canadian contest on a such a crazy night, but I guess the choice is easy when it’s something as exciting as The Border.
Here’s a teaser of tonight’s episode. Definitely worth TIVOing those American shows.

Mike Morrison