Just wanted to pass along some great new music that helped me get through my move!

The band is called Alberta Cross.  Their CD actually doesn’t come out until September 22nd, but I’ve had a list and I am highly recommending them!  Even though they got the Canadian province in their name, they are actually a great band from Brooklyn, NY.
I don’t really know why, but listening them really brought me back to The Bronze.  You know the Bronze don’t you?  It’s the club that Buffy Summers and the gang hung out in during their high school years.  I recognize the random reference, but it was the kind of slow tempo rock music that Alberta Cross does really well.
The CD  is called Broken Side of Time and it will be available in the September.  In the mean time, have a listen to their stuff on Myspace.  Oz would be proud.
photo credit: Alan Gastelum

Mike Morrison