>New Brunswick Education system is just like me. They got a little taste of fame when a school decided to not play the national anthem any more and now they get addicted to the lime-light!! They love it, they want it, they need to be apart of it!

So an obviously crazy teacher gave out a simple assignment to their grade four class:
The world is about to blow up. You have a space shuttle that can save three other people. You have to choose who you would save out of the following groups of people: an Acadian francophone, a chinese person, a black african, an english person and an aboriginal person!!!!
The ones you don’t choose will die when the world blows up!!!!
This is amazing. And I don’t mean this in a good way, I mean in amazingly ridiculous sorta way! How and why does this assignment even exist? This isn’t Heroes people, these kids are like 8 years old! I honestly can’t figure out the purpose of it, but the school board of new brunswick is in some deep deep doo-doo. Worse yet they don’t see a problem with it!
From CBC NB:

“Bernice Ryan, the school’s principal, said she has listened to Lomax’s concerns, but feels the exercise is a good one, as it is intended to show the students how to be respectful to all groups.

Next thing you know the NB Government will have it’s own Twitter page!

Mike Morrison