>If you were to attack me on the street and ask me to tell you my two favorite things, I would quickly respond “reality shows and writing”. Hopefully than you would realize how sad that answer is and leave me alone.

I love reality tv. Why? Because I believe that it gives me the exposure that normally they wouldn’t receive. Sometimes this is a good thing (Idol) and sometimes it isn’t (The Bachelor).

I love writing. Why? Because anyone can do it in some form or another. Whether it is writing an msn message or a thesis. Writing doesn’t necessarily have to be good, but it is always someone’s opinion or voice and that is pretty cool.

So that is why I am currently in love with CBC. Sure they snubbed me for their latest reality show for The Second City, but at least I got on TV right? The reason I’m loving the government own radio station? Because of it’s new Canada Writes contest. This is so exciting it makes my palms sweat….all of them. I still don’t know what I am going to write about, but that Pen is totally mine. You gotta love CBC prizes.

Wish me luck.

Mike Morrison