Calgary’s Zoo’s ZOOLIGHTS is one of the city’s most popular holiday traditions. This year, they are celebrating their 20th year with 1.5 million twinkling lights and plenty to see both indoors and outdoors.   It’s a wonderful family event, fun for anyone of any age.


If you’re looking for maybe a date night without the kids, or maybe you want to enjoy a…let’s say…quieter and more romantic ZOOLIGHTS experience, then perhaps their upcoming Adult Night is what you’re looking for!

Calgary’s Zoo’s Adult Night takes place on Thursday, November 30th and tickets are $45 each. The evening includes all your favourite zoo appetizers will be on deck including a beer tasting, cash bar, fun activities, and of course, hot chocolate! You’ll also enjoy exclusive access to a late-night DJ-hosted skating party in the tent, surrounded by all the glowing lights of Zoolights.

This is one party you won’t want to miss!

You can grab your tickets now, and last I heard, they were already over 50% sold. So don’t wait too long!


I’m also excited to be giving away a pair of tickets! To enter, head to the comments section and share your favourite memory from the zoo!  Contest closes Tuesday night, November 29th.  Good luck!

Mike Morrison


  1. Hi there, Mike! My absolute favorite moment/memory visiting Calgary Zoo, was the summer I went to see the Penguin Plunge. Always been fascinated with penguins as they are just incredibly amazing creatures. I spent a good half hour just watching them swim, dive, interact with fellow penguins, and do their penguin walks. Maybe my happiness seems shallow but it was so therapeutic and heartwarming to marvel at another species that reminds me that the world is so much bigger than myself. I know Zoolights will not include live penguins, but would love to experience Calgary Zoo in a holiday setting!

  2. Hello there!!
    Our Zoo is absolutely the best place – love it to pieces))
    I don’t have just one special story, but every time we go there is the best time ever! We go there all year long, but never been there for this type of the event and always wanted to! We were not able to get there for various reasons: kids are too small, being sick or away, and this year I finally can do it, but all tickets are sold out:((
    I never won anything in my life and would be great to get this one in this magical Christmas time.
    Believe in magic))
    Thank you!

  3. I am new to Calgary & have never experienced the zoo! I would love to have the first time be during this wonderful event 🙂

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