Calgarians are pretty lucky because this summer, one of the greatest modern musicals will be coming to the city from July 19th to July 24th!

Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Choreography, during it’s run in NYC, Disney’s Newsies had audiences and critics signing (and dancing) it’s praises! It’s the the inspiring true story about a band of underdogs who stand up to the most powerful men in New York is high-energy explosion of song and dance. You may have seen the movie a long time ago. It start Christian Bale and Bill Pullman.



When Newsies opened on March 29, 2012, it  was intended for a Broadway run of just 101 performances. The show’s fiercely devoted fans had other ideas, however; they propelled the show to a run of 1005 performances, attendance of more than 1 million fans.

Well, now the award-winning show is coming to Calgary and trust me, if you’re looking for an amazing night out at the theatre, it honestly doesn’t get much better than Newsies! It’s one of the those old school musicals, that both parents and kids will love.


Disney’s Newsies will be at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium July 19 – 24. To celebrate the musical’s arrival, I’m giving away four passes to the 7:30pm show on July 19th. Here’s how to win them:

In the show, Jack Kelly sings a song called “Santa Fe”, which he considers a location where dreams come true and life is worry-free. So that got me thinking about wonderful local gems in Calgary. What places in YYC do you go to in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of life?  Leave your answer in the comments section and I’ll pick a winner on July 2nd.

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Mike Morrison


  1. Fish Creek Park. Seeing my kids playing in the stream and just having fun, can melt any worries away.

  2. When I want to get away, I like going to the airport. I watch the planes take off at McKnight.

  3. We go to Nosehill Park. We love that once you get past the parking lot, you forget that you are in Calgary. My daughter and I have wonderful adventures there. we have created many memories by just walking through the park. Her and I have spotted coyotes, deer and many birds.

    if we ever need a time to rebalance and regroup, we head there.

  4. Such a fun contest-thank you for putting it on! I love Newsies with all of my heart!

    Here is my ode to Inglewood (sung to the tune of Sante Fe). This is my happy place in Calgary!

    When I dream on my own
    I’m alone but I am browsing
    For a shopper dreams are really made that way
    When Ingle-wood’s finally open and my thoughts begin to stray
    And I’m in my car that’s bound for fresh laundray
    And I’m free like the wind
    Like I’m gonna live forever
    It’s a feeling time can never take away
    All I need’s a few more dollars
    And I’m on my way today
    Dreams comes true, yes they do
    In Ingle-wood

    I can’t believe we get to eat and shop here
    I can’t believe how many stores there are

    Why do you only spend what your savin’
    Why would you spend your whole day shoppin’
    Trapped where there ain’t no future even on 17th
    Breaking your purse for someone else’s sale
    If the life don’t seem to suit ya how bout’ a change of scene
    Far from the busy traffic and the red miles in between

    Ingle-wood, are you there
    Do you swear you won’t forget me
    If I drive there would you let me come and stay
    I ain’t getting any younger
    and before my strolling day
    I want Plant, not just there
    Put The Nash in my face
    I don’t care
    Save my place
    I’ll be there

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