Okay, this is a super last minute contest, but it was so cool, I wanted to get it up ASAP!

First things first, you have to be in the Toronto area by tomorrow, Monday July 21st to win.

Why do you have to be in Toronto by tomorrow?  Well, it’s the premiere of the The F Word, the new movie starring Daniel Radcliffe…and yes, Daniel Radcliffe will be there!  I mean, COME ON!  That’s huge!
FWord_premiere1The F Word tells the story of the worst thing that can ever happen to a single person: The Friend Zone. The film was shot in Toronto-area and also stars Zoe Kazan, Megan Park, Adam Driver, Mackenzie Davis and Rafe Spall.I’ve got two double passes to the screening to giveaway,

but worry not. If you don’t like your odds,  the first fans at Scotiabank Theatre by  4PM sharp have a BIG chance of winning tickets to the premiere themselves! So even if they don’t win the contest, all they have to do is show up at 4PM!

But winning the contest is a guarantee that you’ll get in and maybe meet Daniel Radcliffe…seems worth it to me! (If I was there, I’d wait in the bathroom to meet him, I mean everyone has to go to the bathroom some time, right?)


In the comments section, share a quick Friend Zone story. Do you friend zone people, or do you get Friend Zoned? I’d also accept a very random Daniel Radcliffe fun fact!

Mike Morrison


  1. i friend zone my best friend and he asked me to be his gf 6 times…i guess if it doesn’t meant to be it doesn’t….. it doesn’t mean that good guy finish last as well

  2. Friend zone story: I unintentionally friend zone people. It’s happened multiple times where I think I’m just good friends with a guy, and then it turns out they have feelings for me, and I just think of them as friends.

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