Update: Congrats to Amy P for winning the Thermotex Pet Bed!

Disclosure: I was provided a Thermotex Pet Bed in exchange for this post and a contest

You might find this hard to believe, but I wasn’t always a cat person. Despite what my daily posts about my cat Mindy might say.  No, I was always a dog person. But ever since the day my boyfriend and I adopted our cat Mindy, I’ve had one goal: Make Mindy happy. Now, I know that because it’s a cat, that might seem impossible, but it’s the truth and I’m determined to make it happen. If I can do something, anything to make Mindy happy, you can bet that I’m going to do it. Which is why I’ve been loving the Thermotex Pet Bed.

It should come as no surprise that Mindy loves finding the heat, almost all animals do.  In our house, we have heated floors in the bathroom, so I can often find Mindy curled up near the toilet soaking up the heat from the floors. While it’s cute, it’s also kind of gross.   So when Thermotex reached out and said the wanted to provide a Infrared Heating Pad for Mindy, I was immediately on board. Although I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t take to it right away.

Thermotex is a local Calgary company that specializes in pain relief…for both humans and pets. They’ve created these products that deliver deep-penetrating infrared heat to help soothe and relieve pain safely, effectively and expertly while helping you (or your pet) to relax. After just 20 minutes, the gentle infrared heat penetrates to depths of 2.36 inches promoting increased blood flow into the targeted area delivering nutrients, oxygen and proteins to keep tissues healthy while eliminating toxin build up and reducing inflammation

For humans, they have heating products that help with sore backs, knees, feet, wrists and elbows. And for your furry friends, they offer heating beds in three different sizes, and even products for horses.

When the small pet bed arrived, I opened it immediately and left it out for her to sniff. She did that for a while, but then quickly moved on.  Typical cat.  But a little while longer, I turned on the heating pad and let it warm up. I picked Mindy up, placed her in the bed and she basically hasn’t left. That was two weeks ago. I’m honestly so shocked how quickly she took to the bed, and how much she’s enjoying it.  Plus, she’s not lying on our bathroom floor anymore!

And while younger cats like Mindy are simply loving it for the heat, this has to be appealing to people with older cats and dogs that suffer from sore joints and arthritis.  I know one friend for sure was super excited when I posted about Mindy lying in the bed, saying that she had been looking for something just like this for her 18-year-old kitty. (All cats are kitties, never forget that.)


Because Mindy simply loves this product so much, I’m so excited to be giving one away!  Up for grabs is the Thermotex Small Bed (For pets up to 12 lbs.). It will help provides your pet relief from Muscle pain and stiffness, Joint pain associated with arthritis and inflammation. And for all you penny-pinchers out there, the heated bed only costs less than 3 cents per day to operate on the low setting for 24 hours.

To enter, head to the comments and tell me the name of your pet and how you came to choose their name!

Second entry, Follow Thermotex on Twitter and tweet: “My furry friend deserves the best! I’m entered to win a @Thermotex heated pet bed from @mikesbloggity! https://goo.gl/hQJJV8”

You must live in Canada.
Contest closes Monday, November 6th.

Mike Morrison


  1. My 5 year old cat’s name is Koa. We named him Koa because we love Hawaii and it meant warrior. When he was about 8 months old, he fell from a tree and I fear he still feels the pain. He would love a Thermotex pet bet. Ps He is a large cat! About 13 pounds. My vet says he’s not fat just a really big cat!

  2. My cat’s name is Flower, because she reminded us of Flower the Skunk from Bambi when she was a tiny kitten. She is a tuxie with really cool markings.

  3. My beastie cat’s name is Malcolm Kraken Knuddlebar. Malcolm because it sounded cooler than the name he was given the Humane Society. Kraken, because we were told to keep him in one room until he became acclimatized to hims new home; for some reason I told my partner to “bring out the Kraken” and it stuck. And finally, Knuddebar which means cuddle bear in German.

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