So it is supposed to snow in Calgary this weekend. Not exactly summer weather, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start drinking your favourite summer drink now!  (Plus, I hear the rest of Canada is having quite the heat wave right now!)

Motts Clamato has just launched a contest to find Canada’s most passionate Caesar lover!

Here’s the deal: They are looking for the most passionate Caesar lover in the country who will rally around the Caesar to make it Canada’s National Cocktail. (Fact: Did you know the Caesar was invented at the Westin in Calgary!?) According to polling, 71% of Canadians support the motion to make the Caesar Canada’s National Cocktail and the party is looking for a strong leader to help make it official.  Of course, as soon as the Liberal party heard that someone else was looking for a strong leader, they immediately became interested in the movement.

Nominations for the party’s leader will remain upon until June 11th. Caesar-loving Canadians can do their part by visiting where they can:

  • Register to become a candidate and launch their own campaign
  • Support a candidate of Canada’s National Cocktail Party


To celebrate making the Caesar Canada’s National Drink, I’m giving away THREE  Motts Clamato Caesar’s Kits!!!

Two ways to enter:

  1. Tweet the following message:  “I’m going to win a Motts Clamato Caesar’s Kit from @mikesbloggity “
  2. Leave a comment (with your email) telling me where is your favourite spot to enjoy a Caesar!

Contest closes next Wednesday June 2nd, 11:59pm MST.

Good luck!

Mike Morrison


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