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Last summer, I got the chance to check out the new Open Top Touring and if you’re looking for a memorable Banff experience for your whole family or a romantic getaway after being in your home for way too long, I definitely recommend that you check it out this summer!

I’ve been to Banff countless times, but I had never really ever gotten a proper tour and that’s one of the things I loved about the Open Top Touring.

You’re taken around in a new and modern, but Vintage-inspired motorcoach, similar to the one’s that took tourists around the town back in the 30s and 40s. Along with you is a cheery and informative tour guide, who take’s you to all the town’s best spots take photos, all while learning about the history of Banff’s most famous locations and people.

Banff is one of those places that even if you’ve been a bunch of times, there’s still always so much to see, and things that you’ve probably missed in your earlier visits and this 90-minute tour is a great way to see almost all of them.

If you ask me, the Open Top Touring hits all the best spots to grab pictures, take in the Rocky Mountain views, and really get to see Banff like many haven’t before: an open top that when the vehicle is stopped, allows to basically stand right up and take in the 360 degree views.

The coach itself has a beautiful leather interior, complete with a great sound system that plays jazz music from the 40s and lots of room, so you feel safe and comfortable. There’s even USB chargers in case you’re taking a lot of photos and need a little juice, and blankets in case it’s a bit chilly.

It truly is one of those experiences that right after it finishes, you’ll start planning to do it again next time you’re in Banff. That’s because Banff never looks the same twice. The seasons change, as does the scenery and light. It really is a magical place and the Open Top Touring allows you to see it in such a unique fashion.


I’m excited to be giving away two tickets to Pursuit’s Open Top Touring and a night away to the Mount Royal Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Banff. Complete with rooftop hot tubs, the hotel recently been renovated and it’s a beautiful place to stay and it steps away from all must-try restaurants and shops.

To enter: Head to the comment section and share with me about your favourite Banff memory. And if you’ve never been to Banff, tell me something you’d love to see in the mountain town. Contest closes Tuesday, July 6th.

Mike Morrison