Do you text on date?  What about BBM? How long should you wait to answer a text after the first date?  If technology is supposed to be making our lives easier, why does it seem to be making dating more complicated than ever?

Textuality is a new movie that explores a subject that my therapist (see: Starbucks barista) and I have been tackling for months: Dating in the mobile age. It seems all the rules have changed and we’re left wondering who can make sense of them?

Textuality stars Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Canadian actress Carly Pope (Young People F**king, Popular) and Eric McCormack (Will & Grace). Here’s the preview:

Textuality opens up in theatres across the country this Friday!

To celebrate the opening and hopefully help out your dating life, TWO lucky Bloggity Blog readers will win a Blackberry Bold 9780s  + 2 months of service from WIND Mobile.

Two ways to enter:
1) Leave a comment with your thoughts on the “Do’s and Dont’s of dating in the digital age”. When, if ever, is it okay to dump on a text? Are mirror shots on dating profiles annoying?  Why can’t someone just take the picture for them?  What is one rule every dater should know in the mobile age? I have no many questions!

2)  Tweet this super text tweet: “I wanna win a Blackberry Bold from @mikesbloggity, @windmobile and @textualitymovie!

Remember, there’s two Blackberrys up for grabs!

1) You’ll probably want to be sure you live in a WIND zone (Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.)
2) Two entries per person.
3)Contest closes Sunday April 24th at 11:59mst.
4) Promise to never to text someone to ask them out.

Good luck!

Mike Morrison


  1. One simple rule, do not text too much. Texting can be confusing especially with someone you really like. Without being face to face texts can be misintepreted and can lead to misunderstandings. Besides we are humans afterall.

  2. Wow, how times have changed. Not only did a boy used to ask me out in person, we used to talk for hours on the phone. Nowadays we’d be lucky if we received a “good night” text at the end of the night!

    The general rule of thumb is to not text someone something you wouldn’t say to them in person. I know it’s hard, especially when one is “drunk texting” but as most of us know, this has its consequences!

    Yes, sometimes text allows some to express more emotion than they’d be able to muster up in person. But at the end of the day, if the relationship lasts, you will be faced with each other everyday … why not get into the habit from the get-go and see how it goes?

    🙂 Have retweeted also @BCizzzle

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