This contest is eligible to anyone that has access to Shaw’s services.

If there is one thing that you need to know about me, it’s that I love TV.

From laughing at my favourite cartoons, cringing at a crazy reality show meltdowns or still being terrified of precisely one smoke monster, there’s often nothing better than sitting in on the couch and escaping to a different world. Whether it be a comedy like How I Met Your Mother, serious scary dramas like American Horror Story or any number of movies found on Movie Central, if it’s on TV, I love it.

If this vaguely sounds like your life, then this brand new contest is just for YOU!

Today, I’m happy to be the home of the only blog in Alberta that is giving away a Gateway Whole Home HDPVR system from Shaw!!

Here are just some of the great features of the Shaw Gateway: You can record up to six shows at once. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would I ever record six shows at once. But trust me, when you are the ability to, you’ll start recording six shows at once. We’ve become so used to not having the choice that when we actually have the opportunity to record more shows, it opens up a whole new world of TV possibilities. And don’t worry, the Gateway comes with a TON of room. The Gateway allows you to record 300 hours of standard definition or 65 hours of high definition programming. If that’s not enough, you can always ad more storage. (I’m taping shows left, right and centre and I’m not even close to filling my Gateway.)

The best part about being able to record so many shows is that the Gateway allows you to watch them whenever you want. The Gateway comes with portals that are installed on TVs around the house. So if you record a show in one room, you can finish it in another. This is particularly useful when you start a show on the couch and you decide that you want to finish watching the show while you’re getting ready for bed.  Or if you’re like me and you’re sick of falling asleep watching a show on the couch and waking up with a sore neck!

Another great feature of the Gateway is the ability to cut the clutter by removing channels you never watch. Sorry Treehouse, you gotta go! Same for you, Bloomberg Television and the Golf Channel. This is a great feature, because you end up looking at a TV schedule that’s actually interesting to you! It’s like being your own network executive!

So, now you want one, right?  Here’s how you get one!

So here’s the prize!
Gateway Whole Home HDPVR Giveaway Prize Details:
One (1) Gateway Whole Home HDPVR, plus two (2) Gateway Portals to link two TVs with one HDPVR
-Watch, record and manage shows from any TV in your home using just one HDPVR -Record six HD shows at once
-Stop a recorded show in one room, pick it up in another

Three (3) months of complementary Premier TV
-Up to 48 HD channels
-Up to 99 SD channels
-Up to 60 digital music channels
-Access to live Pay Per View (PPV) events, including UFC and WWE
-Access to 10,000 movies and TV shows with Shaw On Demand
-Three (3) months of complementary Movie Central


Contest closes on May 30th

Mike Morrison


  1. 6 shows are Hannibal, Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Castle, Nurse Jackie, True Blood

  2. My 6 shows:
    2 broke girls
    Game of Thrones
    Long Island Medium
    Big Bang Theory
    master chef
    mike and molly

  3. Master Chef
    Big Bang Theory
    Saturday Night Live
    Law & Order
    Family Guy lol


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