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There’s one thing that I particularly love about winter and that’s the sun sets so early, you can easily ignore how messy your house has become while you’ve been hibernating waiting for the warming weather.

But now the days are getting longer and yes, the sunlight is exposing those long ignored dust-covered bookshelves, the floor with traces of salt and sand, and a kitchen still likely covered in crumbs from holiday baking.

Often the first sign of spring is the dirt around your house, because it’s probably the first time you’ve seen it in months.

So now that spring is here, I’m excited that I’m going to have Servpro Cleaning come to my house and give it a good scrub down, so I can get out and enjoy the sun instead of being worried about it showing just how messy our house has become! We’ve actually never had a professional cleaning service come to our house and now I can’t wait.  

Servpro Cleaning actually has a lot of great services from furnace cleaning and upholstery to even gutter and vinyl siding and even snow removal! I’m definitely going to remember that next year. What I really like about their services is that all the prices are all right out there for you to see. You don’t have to call for an estimate and no hidden surprises!

Spring Cleaning Special:

Right now, the locally-owned Servpro Cleaning has an amazing deal one. If you book a home cleaning for greater than one hour and get up to 3 rooms of carpet cleaning for FREE! And you don’t need me to tell you that you’re carpets are way dirtier than you think they are! So for $165, you’re getting peace of mind, a really clean house all while getting the chance to get outside and enjoy some fresh air!  Click here for some more details!


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Mike Morrison