So if you’re like me, you just got back from a long weekend and you’re already thinking about where you want to go next!  Well I’d love to make it easier for you.  How far would $100 from Petro Canada get you?  Well you tell me and you could win this great prize, just in time for the next road trip.

Since I just got back from an EPIC road trip myself, I want to hear where you would want to go.  I got to drive a Ford Hybrid Fusion for my trip and was amazed how far I went on just a half a tank of gas, so imagine where you could go with a $100!

Would you drive to the next province?  Stay in the city for a staycation?  Visit old friends in your hometown?  You could do a lot with the gift cards, so let me know!  Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire my next road trip?

One bonus entry can be tweeted: “I want to go on a road trip to (insert answer here) with a $100 gas card from @mikesbloggity.″

The contest is open to all Canadians and closes on Friday August 5th at 11:59/MST.

Mike Morrison


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