Anytime I can give away food, I’m a happy blogger. And while EVERYONE knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with the McDonalds McLobster, living in the West means it’s as impossible as bringing back the McDonalds pizza. But if I can’t have a McLobster, I’m more than happy to settle for the McRib!

Just in time for summer, the legendary burger returns! This bloggity favourite is marinated in BBQ sauce and topped with pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun – a taste of summer like any other!  So how can you get one?  Well I’m giving away FIFTEEN free McRibs to one lucky reader!  Don’t worry, they are gift certificates, I’m not actually going to send you 15 McRibs, that’d be gross and would give Canada Post another reason to strike!

To enter, tell me what you’d eat your McRib with to make it the perfect meal.  A chocolate milkshake? Supersized fries? Those yummy cookies?  Oh man, my mouth is totally watering right now.

Leave your answer in the comments section and I’ll do a random draw.  One entry per person and the contest closes Friday July 8th at 11:59/MST.

Good luck!

Mike Morrison


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