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  1. Do you have a section of your site where links to info about studies supporting GSA’s are located for easy reference? Specifically speaking to the real risks youth face when outed to unsupportive families. Stuff I can share with those who don’t feel this is actually an issue.


  2. Hello!

    Just wanted to quickly reach out and offer a resource for pictures of Calgary, we routinely update the page, – just need a simple credit for the image!

    Also if you ever need a reference or resource in the Calgary and surrounding areas real estate market, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  3. Hi There! I am wondering if you could help us by retweeting a tweet from our page on to your page! The event is called sight night and is our annual fundraiser to support sport and recreational opportunities for visually impaired Albertans. We would greatly appreciate it!

  4. Hello Mike, I wanted to start by saying i really enjoy your Twitter comments. I am working with Grande Prairie Pride and we are looking into developing some board policies to help guide us and give us consistency. One of the things that prompted us was the fact that Calgary pride had policies governing who could and who could not take part. I was wondering if you are able to share those policies or know someone who can.
    Thank you
    Todd Russell