By now you’ve heard that Conan O’Brien is coming back to television. In a completely strange move, he’s decided that this fall, TBS will be home to his new show.

I guess this would be completely fine if most of Canada wasn’t stuck with the horrific TBS-replacement PeachTree TV.

Yeah, that’s right. If you have TBS you should consider yourself lucky. The rest of us are stuck with a Dawson Creek-less, My Boys-no zone that is filled with Seinfeld re-runs and repeated airings of The Pelican Brief. Worse yet, there is hardly a Saved By The Bell episode to be found.

I’m hoping that the high profile pick-up of Conan will be enough to convince PeachTree TV to do the right thing. Then again, I said the same thing about Global and picking up Chelsea Lately and The Soup.

Folks, this maybe another dark day for comedy.

Mike Morrison