So here it is…the official announcement.

Next week, Storybook Theatre’s Cookie Cabaret presents Repunzel!
I will be playing the part of Manny, the uptight assistant to the Prince. (an actual Prince, not the Purple Rain one. I was disappointed too.) Anyway, although it is for 3-6 year olds, it is pretty funny and if you’ll be in the Calgary Area please pop by for what is sure to be a fun, if not insightful 1 hour piece of theatre magic. And if for no other reason than to witness me butcher a song like no one else can. Seriously. It’s awful. Not the show. My vocal chordes. A deaf person got mad at me the other day. Flayling their hands all about. It wasn’t pretty.

Click Here for More Details. No here. Right here…come on..riiiigggghhhht….Here!

Mike Morrison