Well we knew something positive, besides Carly Rae Jepsen, had to come out of Canadian Idol, right?

Jon Dore, who frequently played second co-host on the long-gone talent competition, has just scored the lead on a new NBC pilot!  Even cooler is that the show actually sounds good.  Please note, I’m taking into account NBC’s weak recent history of making good television when I make that declaration.

The comedy is called My Life as an Experiment and will also star Paget Brewster, who could use a laugh after years of dealing with Criminal Minds. According to deadline.com, Dore stars as “a magazine immersion journalist who explores all sorts of unique experiences” and Paget will play his wife.

But don’t get too excited Jon Dore fan(s).  “A pilot order does not a regular series make“.  It really is just the first step to hopefully, someday becoming a pilot.  We’ll probably know around May if the show stands a chance. But the producers of Canadian Idol probably have their fingers crossed.  If the show becomes a hit, they can be proud that at least one thing they did went on to become succesful.

Your move Ryan Malcolm

Mike Morrison