So here’s a little flashback for you, it was just announced that Columbia House has filed Bankruptcy and will close up shop!  Wait…hold the phone.  Columbia House is still open?  No seriously, when is the last time you even thought about the former direct marketing company.

Doubleday Media had been in business in Canada for more than 70 years and had been one of the largest direct marketers in the country.  I can remember a time when we all had Random House memberships.  I forget what the deal was though, wasn’t it like eleven VHS tapes for .99 cents?  I hated that stupid Movie of the Month Club.   It was so annoying that if you didn’t send in a form saying that you didn’t want the movie, they would send it to you and make sure you were charged for it! Although, I can still remember the one time they sent me ‘The Sandlot’, which essentially changed my life.  So for that, I must say thank you to Columbia House for introducing me to the single, greatest movie of all time.

So long Columbia House, it’s been a blast!

Mike Morrison


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