“I wonder if I should add mike to facebook?”

So freaking cool.

I’m still in Vancouver and I just got to have coffee (and banana bread) with Lainey from the one and only Lainey Gossip. Now most people know that I don’t usually cover celebrity gossip and why would I when Lainey dominates it like she does.

Anyway, I feel like I just need to publicly state how cool this girl is. Honestly, she gets thousands of emails a day and I’m so lucky that she made some time to chat with me about little ol’ Mike’s Bloggity Blog.

Lainey gave me lots of great tidbits and things to think about. I got some really great resources and she even gave me some homework. This girl is tough.

But as everyone knows, you want to stay on Lainey’s good side so I’m going to do my best not to piss her off.

Of course we did a little bit of gossiping and both raved about Friday Night Lights and how amazing it is. And that people are stupider for not watching it. Seriously, again, start watching this freaking show!

I don’t know if she wants me to publicly state how awesome she is, but I’m going to do it anyway.
Lainey is awesome….even more awesomer when she quits smoking.

Make sure you add her blog to your daily read list. It’s Canadian, it’s funny and it is oh so smutty.

Thanks Lainey!

Mike Morrison