>Last night’s Closing Ceremonies obviously had some questionable musical acts. Say what you will, but I don’t think bands like Nickeback, Hedley and Simple Plan had any right being at the show. I think those bands would have been better fits for the Medal Ceremonies, but not the closing ceremonies.

And let’s be honest, who else was surprised that Avril Lavigne was one of the only artists to sing live?!

Unfortunately, some of these bands are going to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, especially for a show that was, up until Nickelback, had been creative, charming and of course, Canadian.

As confusing as the musical choices were, even more confusing were the musicians left off the roster. Here are some of the acts that I think would have left a much more Canadian impression:
Jann Arden:

Sam Roberts:

Shania Twain:

Arcade Fire:

Jill Barber:

And of course, The Moffats:

Mike Morrison