So for one, long, agonizing day, my office blocked Blogger. I’ll admit there were tears, and I honestly do feel bad for killing that little chinese lady in the +15. But I’m better now, well actually my staff party was last night and habia mucho vino tinto. I’ve already asked the secretary to turn the lights down, but apparantly you can’t do that. Stupid florescent lights. In any case, I found this video for my own friday enjoyment. It’s a clip from the next NEW Lost! That’s where Cindy went. ***SPOILER WARNING***


PS. I bought my The Fray tickets today. This band is by far my favorite thing going right now! They are also in March. In the month of march I’m going to Christina Aguilera, The Pussycat Dolls, Nelly Furtado and then off to Hawaii! I think I’m going to need to scatch myself and drink alot of beer to gain my manhood back after that month!

Mike Morrison