I mean this next sentence is the most legitimate and complimentary way possible. Hip Hop artist Classified is Canada’s biggest rap star since Snow. In fact, he’s bigger (and way better), but the first sentence is technically accurate. Sure there’s Drake, but I feel like he only talks about being Canadian when he wants to pick up an award. So for now, Classified is the man and rightfully so.

I was just checking out his Facebook page and saw that he has this amazing opportunity out there for aspiring artists and musicians. He wants everyone to contribute to a song on his next album, which is due out in early 2013.

According to the artist’s fan page, The multiple Juno Award nominee has created a beat (download it here) and wants to reach out to everyone to help collaborate. This is your chance to be creative- you don’t just have to rap- feel free to submit yourself singing, playing the horns or violin or even something crazy like the spoons and don’t forget to document it all. They want the videos to be creative and they want to see how you did it!

Classified will then incorporate as many of the tracks as possible, to help create the ultimate fan song!
So how do you submit a video?
Here are the instructions:
1. A video of you recording vocals and instrumental
2. A mixdown of what you did over the beat
3. The acapella of your vocals and instrumentals
4. E-mail your submission files to Classifiedfansong@gmail.com by September 15th, 2012

This is such a cool opportunity, I so desperately wish I had an iota of musical talent. If you submit something, you have to let me know! I’d love to listen for it when the album finally comes out!

Mike Morrison


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