Am I weird?

Last week, while I was in Cape Breton, I re-discovered my love of all things Rankin Family.
And I’m not just talking about listening to a couple of songs here and there. It was a four-day marathon of all things Rankin. I was binging on Jimmy, Cookie, Raylene, Heather, John and Molly. I couldn’t get enough. So much so that on my way back to New Brunswick, I drove through the Rankin’s hometown of Mabou just to see what it was all about it. Did I slow down in front of houses to see if Cookie was waiting for me to visit? Maybe. It’s none of your business really.
And while I’m embarrassed to admit it, the Mullriver Shuffle still makes me cry. Actually it’s true. It’s a great song and it reminded so much of all the long drives my family used to take to Cape Breton. But it such a great dancing tune, I don’t think you are supposed to cry when listening to it!
So after listening to Fare Thee Well Love dozens of times, I’m left wondering, am I weird for loving the Rankin Family so much? Does anyone under the age of fifty love them as much as I do?
UPDATE:  Also feel free to discuss why I look like the old man from UP! in this picture.

Mike Morrison