“You should have a podcast.” is what “You Should Have a YouTube Channel” was a few years ago.  I love podcasts and I love YouTube channels, but I think I never really could figure out what I would specifically bring to them.  But I’ve also been itching to try something new and the idea of being able to create more projects, but not having to look good always brought me back to podcasts.

So when I got to thinking about what I love about my job, it’s telling stories. My stories, other people’s stories, stories. And ever since I left my job five years ago (!!!) to work on my blog and other projects full time, one of the most questions I get from people is how did I quit. How did I know? What I scared?  Was it hard?

So that’s what I decided to make my first podcast about. It’s called I Quit and in it, I talk to entrepreneurs about the scariest day of their life: The day they quit their jobs.  Entrepreneurs of small to big companies all have a story and that’s what this podcast is all about.

The idea of each episode is to tackle a reason why someone is too scared to quit their jobs. Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s because you want to change careers, or maybe it’s because you want to create a competing company.

I’ve already released the first two episodes. The first is where I talk to Neil Zeller, who quit his job as an office furniture salesman to become one of the most in demand photographers in the country.

Episode two is about designer Sarah Ward, who learned from some of the best and then decided she could go it alone.

I’ve been recording the podcasts at Media Lab YYC, which is a studio in downtown Calgary. I can’t pretend to know anything about audio or how to edit it, so I love going there because I rent the space and then pay for them to edit the podcasts for me. So if you’re thinking of starting a podcast but want to skip the hard stuff, I definitely recommend you talking to Kyle at Media Lab YYC.

I’d love if you had a listen and let me know what you thought!


Mike Morrison