I’ve so far been able to avoid the onslaught of parody videos for Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy” song, but when the title “Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic teams dance to Pharrell Williams – ‘Happy’ filmed in Ontario and Alberta” comes across on your email, how can you not watch and then share it!

The video features a ton of Olympic athletes, including: Tessa Virtue, Denny Morrison, Gilmore Junio, Patrick Chan, Mikaël Kingsbury, Marie-Philip Poulin, Arianne Jones, Mercedes Nicoll, Haley Irwin, Kim Lamarre, Dominique Maltais, Rebecca Johnston, Geneviève Lacasse, Michelle Salt, Paige Lawrence, Gabrielle Daleman, Eric Radford, Tristan Walker, Kevin Reynolds, Kaitlyn Weaver, Andrew Poje, Alexandra Paul, Mitchell Islam, Dylan Moscovitch, Charles Hamelin, Marianne St-Gelais, Atsuko Tanaka, Taylor Henrich, Matthew Rowley, Dara Howell, Marielle Thompson, Marsha Hudey, François Hamelin, Valérie Maltais, Keltie Hansen, Roz Groenewoud, Justin Snith, Kaillie Humphries, Jennifer Jones, Dawn McEwen, Jill Officer, Kaitlyn Lawes, Kirsten Wall, Brad Spence, Chandra Crawford, Kimberley McRae, Natalie Spooner, Eric Neilson, John Fennell, Jean-Luc Brassard, France St-Louis,

And a few notable celebrities (both from the political and entertainment world) include: Mayor Nenshi, Justin Trudeau, George Stroumboulopoulos and Komak.

Also, at some point, I’d love to have a discussion on whether or not Gilmore Junio is the most successful athlete, in terms of marketing and press, that’s never won a medal. Not disparaging him, I think it’s great! I just have to remind myself that he didn’t actually win!

Mike Morrison