When I think of Canadian shows that are both awesome and help spread the messages of Earth Day, Danger Bay and The Raccoons immediately come to mind.  The latter is hands down my modern day obsession and any chance I can to reference it in a conversation, I’ll take.

The Danger Bay gang is a Canadian classic with perhaps the best and most dramatic intro in TV History. (Sorry, Littlest Hobo.)  Most episodes of DB featured the Roberts Family taking on David Suzuki-approved issues like pollution, wildlife endangerment, and forest preservation.  I know, it doesn’t sound as dramatic as say, The Walking Dead or Scandal, but trust me, it was. I posted a full episode above, so close your office door and enjoy.  You’ll be surprised that it actually sort holds up, even though it’s thirty years old.

Then there was Bert Raccoon, the Joey Jeremiah of the Racoon world. The Racoons was coincidently enough another CBC show, which aired from 1985 and 1991. It’s intro was another classic and immediately sends you down a nostalgic time tunnel that drops you off into the middle of the Evergreen Forest. Cyril Sneer was the series’ villain, who also happened to be a greedy businessman desperate to rip down the forest all for the mighty dollar. DRAMA! If I was forced to think of a fault for the show, it would teaching kids that racoons are anything but vicious and terrifying animals. But hey, that’s for the real world to worry about.

In a time when Hollywood is just rebooting old ideas, I can only hope that Danger Bay and Racoons will live to see another day. Until then, we have full episodes on YouTube.

Mike Morrison