Have you still not got on reality TV?

On April 30th, CBC Radio and TV will be celebrating their 75th Anniversary and will launch a special program called 1 Day/1 Jour, it’s like 128 hours but without the blood and amputations.

The basic idea behind the initiative is that they want you to film a day in your life. Use your camera, your computer or your phone to film your day.  Whether it’s soccer practice, grocery shopping, hiking a mountain, reading Mike’s Bloggity Blog, vacuuming, running, paying your bills, drinking milk, cleaning the chalk board, driving, swimming, window washing, taxes, running a red light, shoveling, tanning, emptying the dish washer, knitting, watching fireworks, making fireworks and really anything that Canadians do on a typical day!

Entries will be accepted from filming day (April 30) through May 24. Content can be submitted to either the 1 DAY (English) or 1 JOUR (French) production websites, but submissions could be used in both final films. The video submitted by Canadians will complement footage shot by CBC/Radio-Canada crews across the country that day and will be posted on the CBC website for all to enjoy.

Some entries will even win a trip to Toronto and an Ipad 2.

I try not to indicate how competitive I am, but Canada: I got this in the bag.

Mike Morrison