pond in winter

Photo is of Calgary’s September snowfall.

There’s a lot of funny things on the internet. Actually sometimes there’s so many things, it’s hard to laugh at them anymore, otherwise we’d be laughing all the time. Which, I guess, isn’t the worst thing in the world.

But this call into CBC has had me laughing since I heard it yesterday.

The call is directed at Sheila Coles, the host of CBC Saskatchewan’s “Morning Edition”.

And perhaps some context for those of you not living in prairie provinces. It gets snowy and cold here pretty quick.  Sometimes even in September, yes.  But, anyone that lives here tries to tell you that they accept it. They respect mother nature. “It’s fine,” we say, “it’s just Canada.”

Well, not to one man who, on Wednesday, basically snapped while leaving a voicemail for Coles.

Honestly, the first minute is pretty tame, so stick with it, because the second minute of this audio is so funny, because it’s something that, weather we want to admit it or not, have thought. And not just about Saskatchewan, about really any province. But usually we don’t snap until March or April. The fact that this guy snapped before winter has even really officially started is epically hilarious!

But a warning, there’s definitely some swear words on this voicemail. Actually, I even learned some new ones. So wonderful. Happy winter, Canada!

Mike Morrison


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