Think there’s not enough shows about cops on TV (Flashpoint, Rookie Blue)?  Wish you knew more about the mean streets of Toronto or Hamilton?  Well CBC may have the show for you.  The network just announced they’ve ordered a pilot for a new police procedural named, “Cracked.”

The show will follow the life and times of Calum de Hartog, who was a Toronto beat cop for more than ten years.  I bet he’s seen some shit.  True story: Once, while walking around Toronto, a woman asked me to pierce her ear with a coat hanger.

But if you want some more drama in your life, get this:  The show is going to be produced by Peter Raymont (The Border), who is also producing a show with CTV about…..the police and border officers in Niagra Falls.  Completely. Different. Series.

With so much cross-pollination, can a series about making a series in Canada be far behind?

If the Cracked is a go, look for it to premiere in early 2012.

Mike Morrison

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