Everyone in the media world has been talking about the massive cuts that CBC announced this week. Over 800 people will be laid off and programs across the board will be slashed.

What silver lining could there possibly be?

Being Erica of course.
Many people probably missed it but in the press release for the cuts and layoffs, CBC announced that Being Erica’s second season would have a smaller episode order than the first season’s 13.

Yeah, you read that right! Although I have’t heard of an official announcement about renewal, why would CBC bring up the show and talk about ordering episodes of a show they were going to cancel? That wouldn’t make sense at all!

Being Erica fans rejoice because it looks like Erica Strange is safe, all is right in the world….at least for now.

side note: a have the final episode of being erica’s first season in my possession and I CANNOT wait to watch it!!!!

Mike Morrison