As many of you know, I’m in the depths of fighting for my dignity by winning The Canadian Blog Awards. I’m not convinced that winning will save my dignity, but it certainly can’t hurt it. And that’s gotta be worth something….right?

Mike’s Bloggity Blog has made it to the final round of the blog awards in four rounds!
  • Best Overall Blog
  • Best Blog Post
  • Best Popular Culture
  • Best Humor!
Four nominations!!! Wow! It’s like I’m Two And A Half Men, except I shouldn’t feel bad about them!
This is the final round, so it’s crucial that you vote. I tried to think of some other examples of things that are equally as crucial and this is what I came up with:
  • Ensuring that my Christmas gifts are valued at over $50.
  • Finishing Forest Gump 2.
  • Developing a secret handshake with Jack Layton. The crucial part is the handshake last no shorter than two-minutes.
Have I made my point? I feel like I have.
So please go vote. The last day to vote is this Friday, so please vote!

Mike Morrison