>It has been at least a couple of days since I stirred the pot or caused any trouble around Calgary. Well that all changes today.

As some people might know Calgary is holding it’s municipal elections in the upcoming weeks and it is during these elections we will electing a new mayor (or maybe the old one) and we will also be voting on the Alderman positions (which in case you didn’t know, cause I didn’t, are just like city counsellors only with a more boring name.)

After reading up on all the candidates and their issues I had just one thought: boring. Honestly no wonder no one votes any more the candidates all have the same believes and it is sometimes to hard to tell them apart!

That is why I am teaming up with the Calgary Herald and fellow Q writer Maclean Kay to stir up the election pot and hopefully find out more then ever before about those running for our cities most important positions.

Starting tonight and over the next three days we will be meeting with all the candidates for Ward 8 at the local coffee shop The Purple Perk. There we will talk about the important issues, you know the ones that matter. Like how many times a day do they click on Perezhilton.com, do they ever stay up way to late watching infomercials for Hair Club for Men or is that just me. How about what is there favorite movie? What is the longest time they’ve ever gone without showering? Those are the things I want to know! Why? Because I think choosing someone to represent is like choosing a roommate and if you don’t get a long with your roommate well then things are just going to work out.

Tonight we will be meeting with Ward 8’s current alderman (or woman for that matter) Madeline King. She won the riding in 2001 and then again in 2004. I’m going to find out if that accent is real or not.

After King we will be meeting with John Mar who I feel is meeting a constant or a vowel from his last name so I am definitely going to get the bottom of that. I’m also going to ask him if he thought Heroes sucked last night. Cause I did and I can’t be roommates with anyone that wasn’t just a little bit disappointed.

We will also be meeting with the candidates on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday interview is actually at 9pm. So I’m already a little inclined not to vote for them because they are screwing up my busy TV watching plans, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. So make sure you check back as we will be updating on our interviews all week both here and the Calgary Heralds site!

In the mean time let me know of any questions you think I should ask, if you know me there is no way I won’t ask it! Should be fun!

Mike Morrison