So with the new TV season about to break loose, I have been taking sometime to catch up with the higher numbered channels and the old shows that they start showing this year. What is old is new again.

On OLN, I discovered that they have started showing the first season of the Amazing Race. I remember when this show debuted back in 2001. I worked at a convenience store and every wednesday night, I would run home and catch this show. I think me and the crazy guy under the bridge were the only ones that watched it back then (how did he even watch TV?). I remember that after every episode I was so pumped up I wouldnt be able to sleep for a couple hours. I just kept replaying the excitement over and over in my head. So this morning, while I was enjoying some Fruit Loops and warm chocolate milk, I was happy to see that my TIVO had taped the first season for me again. Although it is a little hard to watch because Phil explains what every step of the race is/means to the littlest detail, it is still pretty exciting and continues to make me jealous that these people get to go on this amazing journey!

The second show is a little embarassing but what Tivo tapes is what I must watch. Way up there on the vision network they have started re-airing Dr. Quinn Medecine Woman. Do you remember this show? Do you remember how Jany Seymore’s character’s name was Mike? Man that messed me up a long time, especially cause my middle name is Lindsay. Those were some lonely 12 year old Saturday nights. Although this time around, I could only make it through the opening credits, I’m going tosave this puppy for a snowy sunday afternoon. Afterall last night we had our first frost warning!

Also, I’ve been slowly addicting my new roomate to the first season of “30 Rock“. Honestly, why you aren’t watching this show is beyond me. It is so funny and you like sarcastic smart ass humor (obviously you do, youare reading this) than this is the show for you. My roomie even told me she hated all things Baldwin until this show and now Alec’s Jack Donoghy is her favorite character!

Mike Morrison